Question for Xplosion about backup drives


What hard drive do you use for backups?

do you use a raid setup?


Only my linux box has multiple HDD, well 2… One is a 2 TB drive for all thing internet and a 700Gb system drive for all thing lets mess with server stuff


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I’m looking at a Drobo 5N system for NAS. You can put any and all hard drives in there and it handles all the redundancy for you. It also runs apps like Plex right on the box.


To be honest, this is totally situational. I use about 10 500gb wd black HDDs for backup between my machines. Each one is a regular secondary drive.

I do this because my data isnt critical. I keep anything i deem not loseable in the cloud. Anything else thats somewhat important is backed up on 2 seperate drives in case of failure (main drive partitioned to a c and d so i can wipe c and keep data on the main drive, and a second 500gb drive).
As i’ve run raid in the past, i’ve had a raid array go bad all together and lost both the raid drives at once, its not really any better than running 2 seperate drives in alot of cases imo (mirroring array).

I also run a 6TB HDD right out of my router for media sharing and have it mapped on all my PCs and smart tvs.
I used to run a NAS, but as little as i used it i was just wasting power, and i wasnt impressed with transfer rates, software capabilities, or apps offered by the couple different itterations i used.

So the question is what are you requirements? and what do you want to be able to accomplish with setup?


Thank you.


Just because it HAS happened, doesn’t mean it is likely to happen. The likelyhood of two drives failing at once is SUPER unlikely. While it’s never 100% safe, data in a mirrored array is SIGNIFICANTLY safer than on a single drive or spanning/striping array.


Just grab old pc, some good drives, install linux!

Now back to stuff!


It is a true statement that it is something that would be of a rare occurrence but it is possible and i tend to look at the worst case scenarios as thats just my luck. Also again this boils down to what your trying to accomplish.

I find having a main drive partitioned to c and d, adding a 2nd hard drive e, and having a storage location like my 6tb drive on my router a good solution. still using main drive, and 2 others. anything i want backed up goes to my d drive, anything critical goes to a sub folder in d. From there, anything in my criical folder is auto backed up on all my machines to my 6tb drive. I use this setup in all the many machines in my house.
For easy restores i have an image setup with everything i want built into the WIM and pre-configured (including backup folders etc…). Its all fresh installs and not a ghost image as i dont like ghosting so restoration of machines is simple.

In my scenario, a NAS or raid would work good as well, especially if they only had 1 drive in them, but i built my machines one at a time, and builds always include 2 drives so the only thing i did was buy the 6tb drive.

If you decide on a NAS i’d suggest to build one yourself. Your not limited to crap hardware and crap apps or stuck configuring some BS you dont like. If you want to run a raid in it, thats easy to setup, and you can set WoL or WoMP to cut power costs. Using WoL and WoMP if you have a router with firmware that supports it you can have it turn on a fully powered down machine 5 minutes before your backup time, then set a task scheduler to shut down the machine when its completed. Also if you wanted you could use this machine as a firewall, DNS server, proxy server, you name it.


I’m just saying that “mirrored array is not any better than a single drive” is an objectively false statement. It’s significantly better.

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t safer setups than a mirrored array in a single system.


I guess I need to up my game. I just use my Mac AirPort Time Capsule.


AWS Glacier

problem solved.

All of my music, photos and life/death documents are saved to Teh Cloudz. Currently costing me <$5/mo. Peace of mind for a nominal fee.


It costs you greater than $5/mo?
How much greater?


+1 on Amazon Web Services. I already have an account to do various stuff related to my Linux sysadmin hobby, so I’ve set up a few automatic scripts to put everything that’s changed on my home computers in a couple Glacier vaults 3 times a week.


reverse that, lol!