Quick Overview

This is just a quick explanation of some of the more important mechanics in Destiny. This is by no means a complete, or in depth guide.


Each Guardian has 3 Abilities.

  1. Grenade: In your subclass you can select 1 of the 3 grenade types
    available to you, these types unlock as you level up the subclass.
    After using a grenade, this ability goes on Cooldown.
  2. Melee Modifier: This ability modifies the first melee attack you perform and then goes on Cooldown.
  3. Super: At the Bottom Left of your screen you will notice (along with available ammo, and grenade and melee cooldown timers) a small bar that starts out grey and then glows gold when full. This is your Super Charge Meter, this indicates when your super is available for use. The bar slowly charges over time, giving a small bonus for each kill. Collecting Orbs of Light will also charge the bar.


Gear can contain certain attributes which affect the cooldown/recharge of your abilities.

  1. Discipline: This attribute lowers the cooldown time on grenades.
  2. Strength: This attribute lowers the cooldown time on your melee modifier.
  3. Intellect: This attribute increases the rate at which your Super Charges.


There are 3 base stats that all guardians have which can be modified by selecting certain perks within your Subclass.

  1. Armor: Decreases the amount of damage you take.
  2. Recovery: Increases the speed at which your Health/Shields regenerate after taking damage.
  3. Agility: Increases your movement speed.


This term refers to killing an enemy by hitting its "Critical Point"
For most enemies this is the head.
For Vex this is the belly, Servitors the center “eye” in the orb, etc.


Bounties are secondary missions that can be taken from and turned in to the bounty vendor in the tower.
These objectives are often simple and can be byproducts of your general activity, such as collecting items that drop from any enemies killed on the moon, collect 100 and return to the bounty vendor in the tower.
Turning in bounties grants bonus XP as well as Vanguard reputation.


Public events occur at seemingly random points on the surface of all planets (Information on tracking public events can be found here)
Participation in public events is rated (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Gold participation is often awarded with End Game currencies and enhancement materials.


At level 20, players stop receiving XP and can no longer level up in the traditional sense. To level up the player must equip Items that have the additional stat of "Light"
To put it simply, the total amount of Light on a players gear determines their level (From 21-30)


I didn’t source any of this, this is all off the top of my head, and learned from my own experiences in game. I know I have left some things out, and I’m sure I might be incorrect on a few points. PLEASE feel free to correct me if you have the correct information or provide info on something I left out that you think is important.


Shared it over on FB. Thanks again for posting.

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Great post! This is good explanation for newcomers

Only thing I see to add is some info on Armor, Recovery and Agility. Agility is the easiest to explain because when running around the Tower at level 2 you can tell the Hunter moves faster and jumps higher than the other classes.

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Thanks, added above.