Rad Rogers on Kickstarter


Just logged into Kickstarter today and found this gem. Claims to be The Return of the 90s-Era Apogee Platformer. @shane this game looks great for you. The game has been in development for a year now and the gameplay they have to show looks really good.

If you can get one of the early-bird backer pledges you can get this game for only 8 bucks. Otherwise the cheapest pledge with the game is 10 bucks. That’s still a really great price. I think I will be getting this game and I hope they meet their goal of only $50k. Still have 28 days to reach it.

The game is only releasing on PC and PS4 initially. XB1 might be a stretch goal.

@simplyundrea Check out the $45 pledge! wtf is that


Oh, wow! The art style looks amazing. I’m in love already.

The ‘Youtube/Streamer’ special. Haha. I’ve honestly never seen that in a KS but I can understand why they would have a need for it.

Sometimes I’ve wanted to collaborate with studios only to hear ‘they didn’t have enough keys’ or that they have a limited amount. I think it’s a tier that’s needed now. Keys go quickly nowadays when it comes to streaming. It’s ridiculous.

Platformers aren’t my strong suit but this looks great. I’m definitely interested in seeing where this game goes!


I’m not a huge fan on platformers but that is one beautiful lookin game.

Edit: well great, you got me on kickstarter and now I backed this … I wish I could put a adult restriction on my internet that keeps me from going to kickstarter :frowning:


It really does look nice. It reminds me of Rayman.

edit - I put 8 bucks down on it. Why not? Probably the cheapest game I will buy.


It definitely looks like a Keen game. Looks like it’s also incorporating some Earthworm Jim mechanics as well. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m still waiting on Chasm, Möira, Deadwood, Heart Forth, Alicia, and Bloodstained. Chasm, I think, is on its 5th year of development. It was scheduled for release in May 2014.


This looks intriguing! Pretty different in terms of story plot from what I’ve seen in a while. Really like the art style as well.


Project just reached 40% funding. Youtube video was released detailing some of the history of Commander Keen. Maybe you’ve heard of some of the guys involved with that game.


10 days left on this Kickstarter project and they are 80% funded. Please take a look and if you’re interested throw a pledge at them.


8 days to go and the project has now reached 95%!