Raid again PS4 10/20/15



Hello again!

Let me know who is trying to raid tonight again. 10/20/15 on PS4 ill be on around 8pm EST hopefully we can launch as early as possible so we can get through it this time haha!

See ya all tonight


If you are in the 290-300 range, then this week is prime time to raid. If you are 300+, you probably want to wait until you can try Hard Mode, as there is speculation that you can get double loot drops from Hard Mode if you have not completed regular mode this week. They did that with other raids in the past, so it’s certainly possible.

Personally, I won’t be free to raid until Saturday at the earliest, so best of luck to everyone that gives it a go, especially the Friday Hard Mode groups.


If you can get double drops from hm if you haven’t done the raid might be worth it to pull my alt for the raid until hm comes out.


@Smasher225 and I would be down for Raiding! I had actually mentioned trying to get a group together for this evening last night, but then the election happened and I got distracted haha.

8PM EST would be perfect for us, gives us time for dinner and to set up beforehand!


I can do 830 EST when I get home from work


I’m down to raid tonight and can be on around 8pm ET


I’m hearing from sources that the double hard mode drops thing is false, so do normal and hard at will.


Sounds good yeah looks like we’re gonna have to form a actual group… But for now I’ll just annoy everyone by posting every week Lol :yum:

See you guys tonight


I can be there at 8 est. Looks like we have



Update for everyone, Oryx has fallen and while we had some people who had to come and go for reasons far beyond their control we managed to get enough people throughout the raid to fully complete it. I still have hard mode and my titan to complete so may oryx fall more than once this weekend. Good luck to all teams that accomplish the raid this week.