Raid Group - Sunday Mid-Day / Evening?



Hey, so I’m looking to setup a Raid group for this coming Sunday. I’m fairly busy this week, so I don’t have much time in the middle of the week for it, but available pretty well all Sunday.


I know I’m missing some others, but I’ve got some Raid history with these users. Let me know if you guys are interested / available Sunday.


Unfortunately Sundays are a write off for me these days now that The Walking Dead is back sorry dude.


Well it’s only an hour, so if we aim for midday that should work for you. I’ll keep your name on the list in case / backup if someone bails mid-raid.


Oh snap you just saved me some trouble. I was about to book the TV for Destiny Sunday night but walking dead will have to take priority - my fiance loves that show and she’s really had enough of Destiny haha

… I know I should just purchase a 2nd tv for the apartment…


I would be up for it if ya need me!


Yessssss I’m ready just need a time.


What’s your level / build?

@SkullKontrol - Sure, I’ll know more closer to Sunday.


Lvl 28 striker/defender. Only one raid under my belt and didnt even finish the last boss but I think I knows whats up heh!


Since you haven’t technically completed the Raid I’ll try and make sure to keep a spot open for ya @Sovereign


Just wondering who’s around to get this going either now (i know it’s late) or tomorrow sometime



Uh I’m on if you need someone :slight_smile: done it three times now


What’s your ingame, lvl, etc.


If there’s anyone who doesn’t want to run the raid for naught, my titan alt is 28 and hasn’t hit the raid this week.


So far we got @Memphis1021xx and @auth and @Brutonium and myself. Guess we need 2 more.


Regarding time, I’d prefer a late afternoon or early evening run. Anything before 1500 CDT would be hard for me to make.


Sure, was hoping to grab something for tonight, but looking like it’ll probably be tomorrow. I’m thinking mid afternoon eastern time.


I might be able to do this later in the evening if it gets pushed that late. 8ish est


I would be up for it today!