Raid team A - 1hr 15m completion



Raid Team A, containing @SkullKontrol, @Sw1shaaSweet, @M89ROSE, @CKN, @Alphaman, and @WrongGear just beat VoG from start to finish in 1hr 15 min. Woot!


There are no brakes on the pain train!

Good job you lot :wink:


Very nice! It’s everyone there level 29+?



Not everyone we had one 27, three 28s, and two 29s


Congrats guys!


Nice job. Now do it on hard lol.


I count @Alphaman as L31 b/c he simply gives no F’s.
Just sayin.


Congrats guys!!


Nice job on the time!


Especially when he isn’t Betty White, thank god for Snickers.


Jesus Christ sw1sh! Not only do you steal our loot but now you’re stealing our jokes! Lol


Hey i’m Canadian, we are not funny enough to make our own jokes!


Seth Rogan: honorary American.