Raid Team Bravo 1st VoG Clear

Shout-out to Team Bravo (working title): we just downed the VoG tonight for the first time! We had a bit of a player shuffle moving through the evening as people needed to head out, but thanks in no small part to @SkullKontrol’s guidance, we were ultimately successful. I will post links to our run once I get around to pulling the highlights.

Dat ultra-rare trophy :wink:


Congrats Bravo Team!

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@Auth like you mentioned one of the best parts of the Raiding experience was how chill the team was.

Thanks for letting me part of your raid experience. I’m glad @VaultBoyPS was able to make it, and dropped so much knowledge. I learned quite a few things, being a part of this. It’s great that Strats now has an additional 8 or so experienced raiders.

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