Raid Team Bravo (Crota's End)

Raid Team Bravo

With a new raid out we could use a new topic. We can use this opportunity to start fresh and confirm all of our members and give them the run down of what to expect. Lets start off with our current members


Due to the fact that @VaultBoyPS is M.I.A. we need to replace his position. I know the @Proven has expressed interest in our group and I would like to extend an offer to him first.

Raid Time

Our current schedule was made when Destiny first came out. I would like to confirm that this still works for everyone and inquire about a make up day.

  • Thursday 8:00 EST
  • Make up day?
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I’d like to at least be considered as alternate each week. First couple weeks in January may be rough but after I should be able to make it most weeks. Also I doubt Christmas night will happen.

Level 31 btw

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Sounds good! I know @DrizztDo_Urden69’s work schedule is crazy.

Normally, when work isn’t busy, this schedule would work for me. But work is going to be busy in January so I won’t be able to make Thursdays at 8pm EST (I usually get home around 11:30pm).

So feel free to demote me as an alternate for a while, or if a new schedule is proposed I’ll see if I can make that. Sunday nights tend to be free for me.

Would any other nights work for you? I’m home at five from now on everyday.

The only night would be Sunday unfortunately.

Thanks for the offer, I’d be happy to join if you still have space. Are you guys planning to run Tomorrow? I only ask as it’s Christmas and I won’t be able to make it, at least not at 8 PM. Perhaps later at night.

Don’t plan on it. I’m sure everyone is busy.

Dang dynamible! I see you ditching your first down team, and trying to steal my raid team members! Killing me! Just remember who downed crota first in strats!

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You did! I just want to keep the organized raid teams going for members who might need in our click.

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Who’s in for tonight?

Sorry my girls mom is in town can’t make tonight.

I’ll be back from Detroit though.

I will be home around 830

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No biggie. We should be good.

@Dynamible no go here. Won’t be home from work until midnight probably. Good luck though. May RNG be forever in your favor.

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What time? I’ll play if needed

8:00PM EST well see who shows up.

I’m out for tonight, still out of town, I’ll be back Sunday, and hopefully can get my 2 characters through the raid before the Tuesday reset and the patch to fix all the cheesing…

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What time tomorrow? 9pm EST work?

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