Raid Team Bravo (Now Recruiting)

Raid Team Bravo

Our team raids every Thursday at 8:00 EST. WE are working on reaching hard mode and getting a clean clear.

Current Roster


We are looking for primary members who can raid with us every week. Must be over level 26 and be ready to play as a team.

Current goals

  1. Getting to level thirty
  2. Hard Mode Clear
  3. No Death Clear
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Yar, I’m still down; gotta beat Guardian Down to that 1hr clear :wink:


Just wanna point out that I work 2 thursdays a month so. Working this thursday but i’m off the following 2.

Maybe you want to replace me with someone that is able every thursday?

Ok I’ll fix it. Let’s see where everyone else stands.

Yep same as last week. But with better gear. Hopefully.

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Actually, I might be going back home this fall break (Thursday + Friday), so I might not be able to come. Not confirmed, yet though.

I will be good to go.

I have a hard stop at 10pm EST though, but based on last week’s performance we’ll be done way before then, and even earlier this week, amirite guys!?

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It’ll potentially take a hair longer since they patched the Templar platform cheese, but I suspect we’ll still be done well ahead of 2200 EDT :wink:

Here you go. Possible strategy.

We need one more for tonight.

Welp, motion to officially postpone the raid given the PSN issues; all in favor?

have you tried to get online? @Dynamible @Memento_Mori94 and I are on

Last time I tried it wasn’t working but I’ll give it another go.

Any luck with hard mode aetheon?

Oh. My . Dear. Lord. Me and @auth were up till two trying to get it. We got it though and I got a legendary sparrow!

Hah that’s determination but that’s awesome congrats

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Did it twice last night (Titan and Warlock), got both raid helms :wink:

How did you do it on your titan?

Camped r/Fireteams since I was still up. Worth.


Some people get all the rng luck! Congrats

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