Raid Team Bravo's 9 Oct. Run

1:22:08 from the time we hit planet to the time “Mission Complete” popped up. There were no adjustments or clock stops made for “loot drool,” bio, or shenanigans and we dropped a Gorgon as well. Consider your time and bragging rights on notice, Guardian Down :wink:


Guess who just got an hour exactly on their speed run post patch??? :smiley:


We’ll keep those bragging rights, thank you. And while we’re talking smack, I’d like to add to @DanceBurgerDance’s post and point out that the 1 hour run was on alts.

Your move :smiley:

You didn’t cheese the gate keeper? Well played…

Well, we’ll see if we’re ask quick after as many runs I guess (we’ve done all of two). Hardly fair to expect that level of play from us given that, @Brutonium, at this point given that y’all run it multiple times a week and got a 2 week head-start; I think we’re learning fast though :wink:

let’s not forget to mention that we 3 manned the confuxes until the 2nd wave because @Moro kept dying from the first chest :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha @auth I think this is the first week of this stuff right?

The real test will be when the next raid is released and we get to start on equal ground!

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I hope everyone brings their big-boy pants :wink:

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First chest is hard dude : |