Raid Team Ebola: Thursday 10/30 VOG 9pm Est

I am looking to start a new raid team…since raid team Charlie went down the tubes we need another team for those of us who dont have the luck to be on one already so i am starting Raid Team Ebola.Raid nights will be Thursday and saturday or sunday if we need to. Start time is open for discussion…please be at least level 26…have void damage weapons and at least some knowledge of how the raid works. Please post if you are interested.

So far we have



I would love to be part of this, the time works great
28 Lock dual spec with some xp in VoG
PS4 - spredhed

I can be an alternate (will check post every week and let you know) but don’t want to commit.

This week I made team Bravo. So no go.

28 Hunter, VoG experienced w/ void sniper and heavy

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I’m interested in running this tonight, 9 EST might be a little early for me. I check your status when I get on 2130-2145 ish EST.

Level 27 Hunter, minor VoG Xp, Void fusion & machine gun.

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If you guys want to run it tonight I can come after I finish with bravo. I might be late though😔 we start at eight if all goes well.

If I don’t run with Bravo I’d happily run with yall, if you don’t mind I’d like to use my 26 warlock, if not I’ll use my 29 hunter I have experience

I havent run the raid yet but have been trying to get into it (can’t find a group that can make any progress…) I’m a 28 hunter. my tag is ‘one n9ne’ if you want to mesage or add me.

This did not come up in PSN…

I’ve got a 29 titan to run it with. If ya’ll need an extra

Would love to firm things up with day/start time. What works for everyone? the only days i have available are mon…tues…thurs and sat-sun. can start anytime. I will be on ps4 all night tonight as i have no haloween plans so if we could try tonight that would be great.

I can play any night we choose at 830pm EST or a bit later. Since I am east coast a late EST time would be tough during the week. I will be ready this week if the times do in fact work and everyone is ready.

PS4 Spredhed
29 Lock dual spec

How is this looking? I would love to get into a weekly group for VoG runs

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