Raid Team Guardian Down



Raid Team Guardian Down

Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday 6pm EST (Hard Mode Clear)
Thursday 6pm EST (Make Up Day)
Saturday 4pm EST (Make Up Day)

Recruiting Status:
Primary closed; looking for backups

Current Objectives:
-Full 29-30
-Heroic Mode Clear
-Don’t Die

Team Members:

Backup Team Members:

-28+ for normal
-29+ for heroic
-Appropriate weapons
-Basic knowledge of bosses i.e. watch a video or something
-As @SkullKontrol put it in his post: Must be mellow as fuck.

Please use this thread from now on for information sharing and general team chatter so we can avoid redundant threads.


I’d be down for a hard mode. 29 warlock.


You know I’ll always be a backup for you guys, just depends on my schedule of course.


I have valuable information for Heroic Mode: It is bullshit. Hobgoblin Wombo Combo is TOO strong! Anyway, THIS is the week Guardian Down makes it to the oracles!!!


I just did some more of hard mode last night, and it’s going to piss everyone off in this group so much once you guys realize how close we were to getting to oracles. Quite literally right after the 2 confluxes part and more legions is the oracles phase… we were so close :frowning:


I also won’t be able to do anything from 16th Oct, to the 19th (sunday 8pm CST ish). Going out of town to see family and games definitely aren’t a priority then :smiley:


What did you guys do differently to get to the oracles? Also, how far did you get?


Hey guys, unfortunately I will not be able to attend today, because I ended up in a hospital :frowning: I cannot move my left feet - probably it has something to do with my sitting job, as far as I know my backbone is fucking up some nerve connections. I hope they will not hold me here too long! :wink: Hopefully, see you all soon!


That sucks bud. Hope you recover quickly!


Good luck Moro.


Cleared hard mode yesterday if yalls need another.

When the prompt says " blah, blah summons the legions" we jumped off onto the outer platforms. At that point you don’t need to defend the confluxs and can slowly pick off the rest.


Wait, you cleared hard mode? As in defeated Atheon, or just cleared the templar?


Gonna need a replacement for Moro tonight. @grumbles @nvs_1


Cleared the whole shebang. And all I got was ascendant energy and the ship. Our fire team leader got the mythoclast though. /jealous


Hopefully you feel better Moro!


Won’t be able to tonight unless it’s late.


@Moro I hope you feel better soon.


We just did the 2 2 2 method to get to oracles, then we got up to the gatekeeper, because everyone was so negative by then, everyone wanted to just get off (rando group i was in).


Didn’t get a chance to update this yesterday.

Pulled off 2 normal mode clears Tuesday night with the raid team’s mains, then alts. Time spent actually in the raid I would estimate at about 2 hours.

For those that missed out @NVS_1 is trying to set up a run for Sunday.


@Brutonium how many alts did you all run thru? It’s a great approach!!!