Raid Team HMCE 1/22

Tonight 1/22 @ 7PM CST
or 8PM EST

Okay, so how it’s looking right now,


We have a new strat to take on and we forsure need 2 titans.
I’ll be getting on here within the next few minutes. feel free to message me.

New Strat:

Edit 1: We also would probably want some Gals, not a necessity, but it will make downing him a whole lot faster, because 3 shots from them and he drops, 4 shots would be ideal just to be safe. We can def down him tonight if we work together and not get stressed out…

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If Bravo doesn’t run I’ll be there. I see you @spredhed

but… you’re apart of our team :frowning: you gotta be here!

Interested, but I have hockey @ 9pm CST. I can be on a bit before, and a while after hockey.

well this should be plenty of time to down him.

I’m gonna be about 15 min late