Raid Team Scrota Down

Hey guys, I’d like to get a second exploratory group going for Crota’s End on Tuesday Dec 9.

The team will be:
and 4 more!

I would prefer any 30’s as it will be a huge pain in the ass trying to figure out what to do for the raid.

Must be chill as fuck and not talk over each other (or at least catch yourself when you’re doing it).
I myself will be willing to take most of the night to figure it out and we’ll start at 6pm EST.

Who else would like to do this? @Brutonium? @James_Eilers(you a 30?) @Auth? @Joey_coz? @DrizztDo_Urden69? @Gambles_052? @StrykerVenomMSV (30 yet?)

Let me know gents!

Raid Team as of today:


Be ready at 6 PM EST please!

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I’m not sure if I’m off but if I am you know I’m always down

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Next week starts my crazy long work days. I can’t commit… Especially to 6PM EST start. I’m honored that you considered me though. Thanks pal

Next week is finals week, so I really shouldn’t; I’ll be around for stuff the subsequent week onward :wink:

Been a while since I’ve seen you around Burger.

I’d be willing to toss my hat in the ring, although I’m level 29.

I still have hockey, but I think I can organize my times a bit better then the past.

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I’ve been lurking (and not looking because of Thanksgiving), but I’ve been around :smiley:

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Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking.

I’ve recently moved, so only comp access is really on my gf’s computer, and at work right now :frowning:

brutal my man. Hopefully everything went/is going well with moving and such!