Raid team wanted



I would like to hopefully get a team together that will do the raids with me on my stream every Tuesday night at 9:30 EST(sometimes 8:30). Sometimes I have a hard time getting my usual team together now and when i get friends that don’t know each other, sometimes things get a little heated if things are going right. So please let me know if you are interested. I would like to have a regular team to do it with so we can mesh a strategy and finish them easy. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great idea. I know I would love to start getting my Destiny skills back up to snuff. We have a ton of people that haven’t been playing and this sounds like am opportunity to me.

Paging @spredhed!


I don’t know that I ever got Raid Ready in this game. It would be groovy if I could find the time to participate.

Gotta work on dem aim-assist sk1llz.


two questions.

  1. PS4?
  2. Which raid do you speak of? and HM or normal?

I am planning to come back to Destiny. In fact, I just played 2 rounds of crucible today - last i played was January.


I’ve been playing pretty continuously so depending on how late things run I’m down. Daily work life usually means I go to bed relatively early.


What have you been doing? Just the same raid over and over?


… No… There’s two…


I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


I could help out
I don’t really need anything in any of the raids anymore but I have wanted to get a Strats only Crota HM kill so count me in



I’m always up for raiding. I can’t dedicate Tues though as I have hockey every Tues @ 9pm EST. I’m always online and generally looking to do Raids.

FYI Still wanting to do raids for this week :frowning:



@JohnOnTheRocks sorry PS4 yes. and I try to do both raids on hard starting with VoG on one character to gorgon chest(everyone changes characters to grab it) then at atheon someone changes to other characters so we can do Atheon 2 more times without having to run the whole thing. Crota’s End I still do all the way through for the little more radiant shards I need(which isn’t that much more)

And as for time. My stream for Destiny has become strict because I streamed it too much so I have tried to not stream it more than once a week. So I do it on reset day. My time will be set to this time unfortunately. that doesn’t mean I won’t help a different day, I just won’t be doing it on stream.

I know I have some of you on my friends list already on psn. If we can try to talk about it tomorrow earlier in the day on psn that would be good.