Raid Team: West Side

Are you in or near the west coast? Do you have a schedule where you don’t live at home and can’t raid during the day on weekdays from your mother’s basement? This is the raid group for you!

Wrap Sheet

  • We’ll be raiding pacific time evenings and weekends. 8PM or later. Exact day and time TBD.
  • We’ll be semi-casual in that we’re not going to get pissed off.
  • Thug life.




Thug lyfe, B! I’m straight up chillin in da 925! Uhm, foshizzle my guardizzle?
Did I do that right?
As soon as I’m an appropriate level, I’d be down. I’m still frustratingly level 20… Hopefully the engram changes will help a bit. I’ll be running strikes and such this weekend to level up. Maybe 26 by the end of next week?
Pretty sure I’m OG too.

I’m in! Im a 27 warlock with void maxed out and I almost got sun singer maxed out also.

I still need some levels so if you want to run some strikes together let me know.


I’d like to be an Alt/backup on this team, if you all raid, Fri, Sat, Sun, or Mon.

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