Rainbow 6 Siege - PS4


Do we have clan or players looking forward to playing Siege when it comes out?
I will be getting the game with several friends and would love to establish Strats for it if no one is already doing so.

Looking for approval from the higher ups!! :smile:


Is there built in clan functionality? That’s one of the things I wish Battlefront would do. Seems like more and more games aren’t supporting clan tags and whatnot.


Ive been playing the PC Beta non-stop. It has been a ton of fun.

I was tempted to pick up CS:GO but I think I am going to prefer Siege greatly, except for that staggering $60 price tag.

It seems like it falls right in between Counter-Strike and Payday so I don’t anticipate going all in, unfortunately. I’d def love to have had some organized play during this beta period.


I’ve been playing a bunch since release! Mostly t-hunt but plan on playing ranked in the near future. It would definitely be awesome to build a squad if possible!


I heard this game isn’t as fun solo. How many strats players have it for ps4?


Definitely a lot more fun if you’re playing with players on mics – and pretty essential if you’re on Realistic or in ranked mode.