RAM limit in windows 7


what is the max RAM limit windows will recognize? I thought it used to be 16gb but i do not know now…will it support 32gb?


i found it…16gb for home premium.


Yeah, nothing like making arbitrary RAM limitations in the cheaper versions of their 64-bit operating systems to allow them to charge more for the “additional feature” in their “Professional” version :wink:


I honestly don’t know why people are against installing Windows 8. It’s a superior OS and this is coming from someone that doesn’t particularly like Windows at all.


#I don’t wanna!

Also, honestly, at this point I’m just holding out for Windows 10 since it’s more or less just around the corner; no sense in buying an OS that’s about to be trumped by a newer, shinier one :wink:


i could not find a copy of windows 8.1 Professional on amazon, one of them says win 8.1 pro system builders but if you read the reviews they say it is not the professional build. Also i did not like the look and feel of 8 so i went with my favorite, 7. I had to get professional so windows would recognize and use 32gb of ram.


Just be aware you might be buying a new OS soon since they’re going to stop support for Windows 7 soon (if they haven’t already).


yeah im sure ill have to upgrade some day…hopefully to windows 10!


He’s good. Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for legitimate Windows 7 / 8 users.



Neat. :wink: