Ram recommendation?


hey there, I am looking to buy more ram(8x2) what ram do you recommend? I am willing to spend up to $200-$300. Sorry I am still new at this :sweat:


do you know what type of ram your machine currently has ?? ex DDR3
do you wish to purchase online at a place like newegg etc ?? easier if we know this so we can link for you


@Dat1KiDDD I would recommend going to https://pcpartpicker.com/ and inputting your current setup as a build. This will allow you to research other components that are sure to be compatible with your current build.

When you find what you are looking for click the “Support Us” link in the upper right hand corner of the Strats website and search for it on Amazon. Their prices are competitive and there shipping is awesome (especially if you are a Prime member.)


I have personally never spent that much on RAM, maybe I am missing out on something? My current rig, I spent around $100 for 16gb.


About 3 years ago.


Crucial is always a good and easy option but my personal favorite RAM is Corsair.



$200-$300 is overkill for RAM in my opinion. The high frequency ram generally isn’t worth it. I’ve seen testing done, and as the frequency (MHz) increases, the latency also increases, and you don’t really see a performance gain. $100 on 16GB of some 1600MHz or 1866MHz RAM should be plenty. I find Corsair and Kingston HyperX to be the best.


@Dat1KiDDD here’s a good thread on this:


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@Dat1KiDDD, I hope you were able to get enough information to help in your process of buying more ram for your system. This thread has pretty much been derailed at this point so I’m going to close it.