Random update and life upgrades!



So you guys know that I don’t post a lot in here. I try to stay pretty active and respond to posts, but making my own has always been difficult. My life has been radically changing over the last two months. We had a roommate decide to leave, and had to replace her. My fiance’ and I got married on May the Fourth, his idea (I’m sure you can see why I married him). I came off one of my medications because it was causing me to sleep for up to 16 hours a day. Yesterday I started taking courses in Computer Animation through Full Sail. So overall, life is going amazingly!

On the gaming side, I’ve been meaning to jump back into ESO. I never got very far when I played because I had no friends lol. I will also be revising my streaming schedule, which has been wildly sporadic since the medication induced narcolepsy. Planning on streaming 3-4 days a week instead of the 5-6 I was doing since I will be doing school work.

Just wanted to give you guys an update as to what’s been going on lately.


Character animation is a hobby of mine, let me know if you wanna talk shop some time. Was very close to doing full sail for animation myself, keep us updated :grinning: and congrats on getting married!


Did he make you wear the bikini during the ceremony?


My degree is in game development so I’ve done some animation. What program are you using? Maya 3DS Max or some cool new thing that has come out since?




I’m sure @Klutzy_dragon will be using all of those fancy schmancy expensive programs in school, but for my cheap ass, it’s Blender/Gimp all day :dickbutt:


I absolutely will! Just doing the basic stuff at the moment… learning how to talk to people lol

Didn’t really do a ceremony, but totally should have!

@Biff_Tannen Not that far in the course yet. But I was told Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Final Cut Pro, full Adobe Creative Cloud. I get full versions of all this software too, not just student versions.

@Wheatception thank you!


Auth and I did a court house wedding for getting me onto some paperwork that needed to happen ASAP and then a fancy shmancy ceremony like 5 months later. Now that you are all official and junk you can plan whatever kind of ceremony you want for whenever you want and have as much fun with it as possible :3


We didn’t even do that. One of his co-workers is ordained. I literally went to his work during lunch and a couple of co-workers witnessed as we signed paperwork lol


Rachel and I did the Justice of the Peace wedding before I depoloyed then a full when a few months after I got back, JP weddings were pretty common in the Army seems like. Having a friend do it seems pretty handy!


Hey hey, no worries :wink: only advice I can offer, Always take a breath and think before either of you do anything when either of y’all are mad. It’s a life saver for Lauren and me.


Right? It took less than 5 minutes, then we got to relax together for a bit.