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What’s up, I’m Random, 33 and an avid PS4 Destiny addict. Abandoned my level 29 Warlock, and my 28 Hunter when I made the switch from 360 to PS4 (well worth it). I got kids so my schedule kinda runs around there school, but generally I’m on Tuesday thru Friday 900 to 300 GMT. I also just transferred my GTAV character over, so I’m up for that as well. Thanks for having me.


Hi Random welcome to Strats!

@Dynamible will give you the hook up with all the Destiny information, you picked a great time with all the buzz for the new expansion

For GTA V this link will take you to our roster. You can edit the post to add your name to the list. If you cannot yet just let me know and I’ll be happy to add you to it. This link takes you to all the information on the Social Club crew and how you can join it. Looking forward to seeing you in GTA!

We have plenty of other discussions on all the current news with gaming in every category so don’t be afraid to join in! :slight_smile:


Thanks looking forward to it.


Welcome to Strats! Glad to hear of another Destiny player. We have a big group and a lot going on. Check out the intro post and get the loo down. [Destiny] STCO Clan [PS4/XB1] (PVX)


Hello @Random , welcome. Where did you find us?


Welcome to the Dark side brother


Actually Facebook ad


Welcome , PSN is djgraph404, Hope to see in you in GTA soon!


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