Raychel le Fay here, new Streamer <3


:heart: :heart: :heart: I’m Raychel le Fay ( The Dark Fairy) : an illustrator and gamer
who has a ridiculous obsession with Dark Fairy Tales, and Dark Art. I am
a student, I love to play games, draw, and work on animations. I currently trying to get back into streaming and making lots of friends! I have AC4, FarCry4, Outlast ( spooky ) COD, and Battlefield 4. I also love to stream The Sims 4, and get into crazy situations. I will also be streaming my artwork. Thanks look forward to gaming with you guys!. :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you Undrea for setting me up!


Welcome to the Dark side, glad to have you :slight_smile:


HA! Thanks. You are amazing for helping me out. I can’t wait to start streaming again.


Looking forward to catching some of your streams, would love to see some of your art :smile:


Check out some here. https://www.facebook.com/leFayIllustrations


welcome Raychel!! glad to have you join us! Any friend of @simplyundrea is a friend of mine :smile:


Thanks Droul! I hope to be a good streamer, and make it as enjoyable as I can. :smile: :smile:


@RayLeFay: Raaaaychel! Welcome to Strats, lovely! SO glad to have you here. <3


That’s awesome!!! I love it


@simplyundrea So glad you told me about this. I can’t wait!




Welcome aboard. I really like the style of your art for Riven!


welcome to Strats! I love your art.


Welcome to the chaos


Welcome to Strats! I checked out some of illustrations, they’re quite awesome. Me, and my fiance will have to check out your stream some time as well!


Thank you so much! I working on chapters 1 & 2 , stop by and check It out soon, I will keep it updated! Thanks again.


Thank you, I look forward to entertaining you guys. Can’t wait to meet all of you.


Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you so much!!


Nice to get a new Streamer. Welcome to Strats @RayLeFay!