Razer Blade 14 (2017) - Unboxing Video



Hey all,
Check out my unboxing video of the new razer blade 14 w/ kaby lake and gtx1060.

Click Here for Video



Amazing work, loved the video, welcome to strats. I think you’ll like it here!

Strats is a place for people to sell their youtube content and products to other people, so i feel you will fit right in!


Rude. @Leon_so7 was actually invited to post this here by @Vocino, so, you know, buck a bit of that sarcasm and salt just because a new user posted a video; I would have crushed a link to some other forum, but YouTube videos without the “hey subscribe to me” or “follow-for-follow” bullshit aren’t really a problem :wink:


Looked for an introduction, didn’t see one. Figured i’d get in a snarky reply before it got nuked for being a shameless self plug, the likes of which happens pretty regularly.


Nah, I don’t put a like on things before I nuke them; I nuke first and ask questions later, which is why @Vocino gave me the heads up in advance so I wouldn’t :wink:


So basically, had he not done it, you would have nuked the video. Glad we were all aware of this = P


Yup; generally an intro-less thread harboring self-promotion gets nuked. I treat them all case-by-case; this one might have remained while I PM’ed the OP since it wasn’t full-on self-promotion.



I DEMAND IT! Laws should apply to everyone no matter what! :stuck_out_tongue:





just to clear up any confusion, my main account is Leon_so7


Hey all,
This has been my first time posting on this forum. Sorry for the lack of an introduction.

Given that the 2017 blade is quite new, there weren’t too many videos of the product, so I thought I’d give it a shot. This video was created for fun, as I am a passionate about the tech-world, and I also like to create videos. I am just hoping to share.

Thanks to @Vocino for the invite. I’ll try to give a proper introduction next time. I appreciate any comments, or suggestions, whether it be regarding the video or posting on this forum.

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy the video. :slight_smile:


Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I mean to share my video, which was created for fun. I have left a brief intro/explanation in a comment below. Didn’t mean to cause such trouble or come off this way :slight_smile:


It’s ok. @GuardianX is just a big jerkface. We generally ignore him.


@Leon_so7 what brought you to the Blade? Were you a MacBook owner by any chance?


@Vocino I was looking for a new laptop after my ASUS broke down 2 years ago. While looking for laptops I considered several laptops such as the macbook pro and dell xps. But I came across the 2015 Blade, and thought it was absolutely perfect for me. It has the specs to game and render videos. When I went to see the laptop in-store (at Microsoft), I liked the keyboard way better than the macbook keyboard. I also already owned a few Razer products (blackwidow and deathadder). Never was a MacBook owner.

I got this 2017 blade as a replacement for my 2015 blade by using my microsoft complete warranty.

How about you? I saw your macro photos of the blade. They look amazing btw! Also, how are you liking your blade so far?


man am i glad i didn’t flag this post!


Haha, thanks! I love how active this forum/community is :slight_smile:


I’ve always had a desktop PC for gaming and a MacBook for work. Last year I spent the year living in London and with that move I sold my gaming PC for room. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to build another gaming PC or see if I could get by with a Blade+Core setup.

I chose the Blade setup because it appealed to the aesthetics of a MBP with the gaming potential of a PC. Checked the other random usefulness boxes as well.

I think eventually I might go back to using a gaming PC when I have more space but for now it’s the perfect solution for me.

PS: The introduction people are referring to is here: https://forum.strats.co/c/strats/introductions