Razer Blade 14 Blank Screen Problem (less than one week)



So I bought a Razer Blade 14 last wednesday. Last night, my trackpad stopped working and there was a screeching noise from inside, and so I powered it off. After powering it off, the laptop no longer turns on. It shows the start up screen with the razer logo, then a blank/black screen. The screen is on, the keyboard lighting is on (but on default cycle), but shows a blank screen. Sometimes it shows 'Preparing Automatic Repair) before entering the blank screen phase. The laptop has drained all its battery on its own too because the last time I tried to power it on since yesterday (just now), it was out of battery.

Any help on a potential fix would be much appreciated. Otherwise, going to try to exchange the blade for a new one tomorrow. Hoping that this won’t happen again.


My desktop PC was doing this a week or two ago. I wonder if the problem is with a recent Windows update? Are you using Win10?


@teh_ninjaneer Yeah, I am. I think it might be, I just updated with the new update which was released yesterday I believe. The problem happened after the update. How did you fix it?

Also, still weird for the screeching to occur.


Glad to know it’s not just me. :confused:


Update: Got a completely new blade from microsoft as an exchange within their 30 day policy.

Not too happy with Razer’s QC. There are some differences in packaging between the two laptops. This new packaging is scratched inside, as if someone had opened it before. But the seal was new, and cut by me. No evidence of previous sealing. The charging cable is also somewhat different in material. Quite weird. This laptop does seem to be better built too. The screen/top of the laptop was unaligned with the chasis. Hope this one doesn’t break in a week too.


My experience with Razer’s customer support hasn’t been that great either. The extra power adapters for Blades have been sold out for a month so I emailed them. After lots of back and forth they finally said they were sending one out.

They sent me one for a Stealth.