Ready, Set, Pwn! - A Podcast Idea


So I floated this idea in Discord, but wanted to share it with the broader Strats audience.

While I know that the idea of a Strats podcast has been bandied about for some time (here, here & here), I figured it wouldn’t hurt to diversity the dream somewhat by launching my own. Anywho, here are a few of my loose ideas:

Title: Ready, Set, Pwn! (first of all, I was surprised as all heck that this domain wasn’t registered)
Frequency: Semi-monthly
Topic: Gaming news & other general nerdery.

I don’t look to have episodes much longer than 30ish minutes to start, and while I’m thinking of doing it alone to help me first find my voice, would look to incorporate more voices as the show grows.

I’ve actually had this dream of a podcast where other people contribute their own segments to supplement the main show. Obviously not the first to do it, with the show within the show feel, but gives people a podium without the need for more than a few minutes of content to contribute.

As for how to make the show happen, I may have a lead on a full studio to use (my hockey podcast is hosted by a local radio station), so that gives me much more accessibility than my Blue Yeti mic & MacBook Pro do.

Anywho, thoughts? Ideas? Interest?


I gave my opinions in Discord.

My question is still: On what will your cast focus?

Are you looking to just report on recent game releases? Would you include bloopers from your own scrub team?

I say you need a niche.


I know it’s completely counter to success, but the best way to describe my thought is variety gaming/nerd culture. But I did plan on sharing my own exploits in-game as a complete scrub… so…


But it will be a purely audio podcast, so just a few peeps sitting at the bar reminiscing about the good times. When a dime was worth a dollar.


@lyteforce if you happen to need a sexy voice with accent you know where to call :wink:

Things xplozion don’t agree:

  • Start solo.
  • Podcast name.
  • Y U NO have sexy accent dude?

In all seriousness i really believe you need a +1. So you can discuss about what ever topic you pic for each podcast. Remember there are 2 sides of 1 coin.

Also +1 will attract more audience. Instead of a single minded opinion they will have options. Humans love options.

Just my 2 BsF!


The name is a done deal. Probably because I already registered the domain & other such stuff.

As to the plus one (sexy accents are a plus apparently), I do agree that it’s good to have more than one voice. In fact it’s almost necessary most of the time. I just want to get his off the ground sooner than later & logistically, much easier to do with just me.


And please keep all the feedback coming! Don’t like it? Let me know! Love it? Let me know that too!


I take pride in my shitty British/Australian accent. Like seriously, I use it in public sometimes to fuck with people and I created a whole story to go around “where my accent came from”

I think people think my accents fake, then I hit them with the whole story without breaking accent, and keep doing it. People usually get that “holy shit this dude’s for real” look haha