Ready to get your childhood ruined?



What?! This is not the same thing nor in the same universe. As much as DC might like to have it, there is no way Gotham City and Metropolis exist in the same world. In a world that Batman exists, there can be no Superman.

Superman is a joke. The cheapskate of superheroes.

Only justice I see here is if Batman finds a Kryptonite Armor of +everysuperpower.


At least he has super powers…
[ya know… with him being a SUPER hero and all…]
Unlike a certain mega-rich vigilante I know of…


his level of intellect can be considered a super power and his level of heroic are super:D


He is intelligent for a human.
He is not SUPER intelligent. Not by any means.
His hero level may be “super” [i sill say vigilante at best] but he is not a superhero. He has no super powers to speak of.

If being rich was a super power he’d have it in the bag.


Funny that Batman can still kick bad guy’s ass without needing “super” powers? Seems like Superman has a lot of unnecessary crap, kind of like spinners on a car.


All I gotta say is read Kingdom Come and find out why Batman is DC’s Ironman.