Real life and Doing something to help Vets with PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury)


On Saturday and Sunday I had the privilege of representing American Legion Post 203 at our state (Michigan) convention, and was approached to participate in our state’s Wilwin Lodge Charity Ride on July 25th. Wilwin Lodge was established as a quiet place for vets (particularly those with PTSI,) to spend some time and ease their symptoms. My goal is to present a check to the lodge on behalf of my post (and others who sponsor my ride,) to further maintain the buildings and the program as it continues to grow. I’m not sure if this is of interest to the folks I know here, but I figured I would put it out here. (I’ll even take well wishes, as the ride is a pretty intense distance and pace.) It’s a good cause and helps people who are in need of healing and rest. For more information about Wilwin Lodge, you can click here:


A long ride indeed. Hopefully you’re staying overnight in the Soo.
I never realized this was in the U.P. even.


I’m not sure, I have been known to ride 1k in a day and this is a slower pace than that. I may head back south and then grab a hotel when the sleepiness strikes.


You must do the buns of steel videos :smiley:
Farthest I think I’ve done is 600 in a day. I was on a chopper with no faring/windshield though so wind also wore at me quite a bit. Always fun crossing the Big Mac on a bike, especially during a wind advisory!


BTW is there a way for us to help sponsor your ride for this great cause?



I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this, @MrSavage.


Working on it! (my first trip across Big Mac was April 2014 when the straits were still frozen.) I ride a road king, use the windshield on long rides and wear full face. It does wonders for keeping you fresh longer. I want to run the Hoka Hey at some point. I have 3 SaddleSore 1000’s under my belt as well.


Ok, here’s the link!


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