Real talk: Eye edition


Blink rates can decrease up to 60% when looking at a screen…which can lead to dry eyes and eyestrain. Take short breaks from your computer, blink more during screen use, and use the nifty 20-20-20 Rule.


I also recommend blutek lenses. I don’t use glasses for correction. But i have a pair of blutek glasses that i use for when I work on a computer, and they have really helped with eyestrain.


Another tip, if you don’t want to wear blue light glasses, is to install Flux. I’ve been using it on my work machines for years and just recently thought to install it for gaming based on @senNish’s tip.


I have a pair of glasses by Gunnar that filter the blue spectrum, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out my monitor has a blue light reduction feature baked into it’s glorious 21:9, 144hz self :wink:


Built into the monitor is nice but controlling it with software seems optimal. I want it at night, mostly.


I mean, a half dozen 7 monitor button presses and it’s on (and adjusted how I like it) or off; it’s not that much more difficult than managing with software, except I don’t have to run software to do it :wink:


totally unrelated: just found out purple isn’t a color.


Thanks for the public service announcement Mom.

This actually probably explains why my eyes get so dry before bed…


Installed that thing and now my screen is all yellow. Is that the intended effect?


It’s all “warm” now. Yes, that’s what it does. Since you’re installing it at night, it’s probably pretty dramatic. What it does is gradually warms and cools the screen over time as the sun rises and sets.

Warm light is less energizing and will help you sleep.


I really think the first and second blocks should be reversed; it’d read much better, IMO.


It lowers the blue spectrum of your display (the blue light is what makes your brain think that it’s still daylight, and causes issues trying to go to sleep after staring at a screen) making it look yellowish. the lenses on my blutek glasses look yellow.

It’s also advisable to have an app on your phone that does this if you play on your phone right before you go to bed.


This is built into iOS and recently into OSX as well. I highly recommend enabling it.


They make you better at gaming too.


Oh man, just looked them up, the Alienware of eyewear


Well, they make me not get eye-strain headaches, which makes me stop play, so they do sort of :wink:


Please… i use android. Its built in. k thanks


I use android too, but my phone’s too old to have the newer versions.