Real talk from Ellohime



For anyone truly interested in streamingBIG I suggest you watch this real talk from Ellohime.

Edit - I used to casually watch this guy maybe an hour each week. He’s now my #1 for being straight up honest. Especially at 13:00.


That was a great video. Honestly, I wish more people were real and raw like that.


Watched the whole thing. I think people definitely can forget that there are real people on the other side. Whether it’s a streamer, a gamer, the guy you’re shooting at in Battlefront, or the person you’re debating with in Discord.

Even keeping something like this community up, small by comparison, is sometime very difficult emotionally. People get pissed off, people start drama, etc.

I try to always empathize with people’s complaints but as this guy said, it can be hard since this is your baby. It’s a hobby, sometimes a job, for us it’s more like a second job, and it’s something you put your time into.

This guy hits the nail on the head on a lot of those points. Thanks for sharing @teh_ninjaneer.


I watched this live when he said this. Such great information not just for streaming.