Realized i never posted XD

Hi everybody, I am jacob (Jekup), i work construction in British Columbia. I play all genre of games from FPS-Strategy, my favourite game is Starcraft 2 yet i barely play it. I also stream on Twitch and upload videos to Youtube. I Enjoy being with strats since i joined a while ago. Looking for people to play PC games with. I use twitter a lot when im home gaming @OriginalJekup

Welcome! What PC games do you currently stream?


Welcome to the Dark side brother.

Hi Jacob welcome to Strats! Officially! What do you like to stream on Twitch?

I stream anything I feel like. Recently though I’ve been streaming h1z1 and nosgoth. But I’ll stream whatever game i feel like

I saw you made a Nosgoth post about a week ago. How do you feel about it? What about the unlock system? I played some with @DrizztDo_Urden69 abit ago and I felt it pretty fun and different. Still very much new at it and only the basic classes but they don’t seem too much of a chore to unlock

I love the game but the thing I don’t like is how they are focusing to much on the vampires. Like how they released the summoner first I feel they should’ve released a new human first than the vampire. I think the unlock is pretty fair cause you have to level up your character to get more stuff. But you can’t always play that character depending on what the team layout is you might have to sacrifice playing that person

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