Reboot of the ESO Strats Guild?



When I originally joined Strats, I joined to play a game in one of my favorite game series: Elder Scrolls Online. In the past year, it would seem ESO has changed a lot.

With two new expansions and a variety of new costumes and mounts, maybe it is time to give it another go around. Now, I know the hype for Overwatch is staggering, but I am looking to begin this adventure once the hype dies down. I would be willing to start a new character from scratch with any new, perspective players.

If there is any motion for this, let me know!

LFG to play the Elder Scrolls Online (PC)

I’m in if we get enough people!


What is there to do within this game? I recall playing in the beta and was not impressed. Is it akin to GW2 (buy game, no sub) or 100% F2pee :smiley:?

I’m always up for community gaming in the “abundant” free time I have these days, lol.


It is buy the game, no sub. There is an optional sub if you’d like, though. I beta tested as well. Was not impressed. Put it off for a year and finally bought it when you went F2P. I liked it a lot. The graphics are impressive and, IMO, I like the immersion of the graphics when they are a little more realistic. There are lots of unique biomes associated with each area you visit. I’m excited to try out the two new DLCs: Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. If you have ever played and Elder Scrolls game, you will know that they are rich with lore and story lines. :slight_smile:


Strats always wants to be elves. Sigh.


At this price I am game to try it out


This is one I have been considering but I am still uncertain.


I’m down but will take my time leveling. So yeah, not rushing.


I had it pointed out to me earlier that these sites frequently sell stolen keys. Might not be a good place to give money too. that being said ESO is half off on steam right now.

If some of us decided to pick this up what server is the strats guild on?


The gray market is exactly that: gray. Sometimes it’s legit, sometimes it’s not; often, it’s a byproduct of region-based pricing without region locking, which can be illegal (depending on the situation).


I will be on in the next hour or so if you all would like to meet about it. I’m out at dinner with my mom and dad and some family friends. But I’ll be available on mumble tonight!!!


Am I reading this right, ESO still doesn’t have raids out side of time trials?


When you say “mumble” you mean “Overwatch team chat” correct?

Edit - I think I might be ready to play TESO again. Or Battleborn. Overwatch has been saddening today.


Sorry I took so long I had something come up but I’m in mumble now.

So as of right now I have the following people interested:
Kenz (obv)

I want to do some more research before I lead anyone a stray. I would be happy to get the guild started/restarted as long as ya’ll can bear with me. We are talking about starting the game from scratch for incoming players and returning players alike. Not required, but highly encouraged! We will remain with Aldmeri Dominion unless their is a motion to move campaigns. Thanks!


Apparently the Bethesda download servers suck… So I can’t play tonight…


That’s fine. I think biggles and preshus were going to give it a go tonight. I have work tomorrow so I cannot, but I should be available tomorrow/this weekend. :slight_smile:


I think @Vocino still has the reigns of the OG Strats guild :wink:


I have it on console. Because… it was really cheap. But boy did I hate playing it on the PS4.


It’s not letting me play. When I tried to zone out of the prison it crashed and now won’t load that character


Woah that’s bizarre :cold_sweat: