Rebuilding my system


So after much thought tonight and some discussion about will our current machines run Star Citizen i have made some moves. I bought a 1 tb Samsung 850 evo SSD, a copy of Windows 7 professional, 32 gb of corsair memory, an ASUS STRIX-GTX970 with 4gb of ram. Hopefully with these improvements i will see some marked improvement in my gaming capabilities. Now heres hoping i can figure out if the SSD will fit in my case :stuck_out_tongue:

So i will have a new SSD with a fresh install of windows, a new badass video card and 32gb of new memory…w000h0000


You should be able to run the Holodeck on the starship Enterprise with that setup.



I’m using this mounting kit to hold both my Crucial M500 and my Samsung 840 EVO.
I highly recomend you pick up a second, much smaller, SSD just for your OS and core apps.

P.S. How do you link items with images the way you did in a thread? Oh, and what processor are you using?


-drools- Niiiiiiiiice!


I’m curious to your line of thinking here… It makes sense if you are short on space to put your OS and core programs on the SSD and defer everything else to a cheaper platter drive.

In this instance, he has picked up a 1TB SSD. I would say put your OS and all programs on it. If future space was a concern he could use his current HD as a holding space for data, pics, video, documents, etc.


i just copy and past the link from Amazon into the body of the message and it does it automagic.

I am using a Intel i-7 at 3.6ghz. I also ordered the same mounting kit for the ssd that you linked @Wheatums.


yessir…i have a 1TB HDD now and ive only used like 300gb of it and im slammed packed full of games and such…so im going to install everything on the SSD and leave the HDD for storage and misc stuff and junk :smile:


Because this

Also need space for useless GoPro videos


I’m still not %100 tracking… I guess my point is that isolating the Windows OS on the small SSD only make sense when you only have a small SSD and you have to make choices about what to load on it.

At the end of the day, when you have to wipe your OS and reinstall you will have to reinstall all your other software over again. Most programs place files in various locations and have registry information that is potentially garbage after the reinstall.


Well, I guess I just like seeing at least 100GB of free space on each drive.




So jealous


I have never seen one before today and i am TOTTALY surprised at how small this 1tb SSD is…blows my mind.
the RAM sticks are bigger…lol


Ok so today I am tearing down and rebuilding the ole gal. Wish me luck hopefully I don’t have to call @Auth more than 18 times for tech support. :wink:


You can do it!


So far so good. Windows is installing now.


Well whatdya know…i do have skillz…lol. Time to start the endless software installation…this should be fun :smile:

This damn thing boots in like 8 seconds now compared to over a minute before…im amazed


And now begins the 149 urgent windows updates , lol. That doesn’t include the 771 optional updates I told not to install.