Recently Upgraded My Home PCs


Late last week I bought two new PCs. My personal rig was built 3+ years ago while the system used by my kids was built about 5 years ago. It was time for some new hardware.

This time I built an Intel/Nvidia PC for myself while the second PC is AMD/Radeon.

Intel system:

  • NZXT S340 case
  • MSI B250M Mortar Arctic mobo
  • i7-7700 CPU
  • GTX 1080 GPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Sound Blaster Z sound card

I get 120+ fps in Overwatch and 90-100 frames in Battlefield 1. Also, I am playing in 1440p resolution. Both games are at max settings and 100% render scale. I am happy with these numbers.

My GPU shows temps around 70-75C in Overwatch. That’s a little higher than it previously ran in my old case, which was about 66C. I might need to either add or move some fans around; currently have one 140mm intake and two 120mm exhaust.

My conclusion is that a single 1080 GPU is certainly enough power to run games at 1440p resolution.

And my audio sounds great.

AMD system:

  • Corsair Spec-Alpha case
  • MSI B350M AM4 mobo
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1400 CPU
  • Radeon 560 4GB GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM

So far I haven’t played any demanding games on this PC but I feel confident that it can handle anything in 1080p. The case is amazingly silent with just the stock fans. You have to really listen in order to hear it running.

The audio, however, is a little below my standards.


When you say Radeon 560, is that like an RX560? How did you find a reasonably priced one that was in stock with the cryptocurrency miner craze right, lol.

That aside, that all looks and sounds solid… but what about the kids sound card?


Yes it is an RX 560. I had a guy buy the parts and assemble the PC for me. Not sure who his supplier is but I think he only paid ~$150 for the GPU.

I didn’t add a sound card to the kids’ PC just for comparison. And the kids don’t care about sound like I do.


Fair enough. As a note you may be able to sell that card for a few hundred and then buy a comparable nVidia one for much cheaper lol.

Edit: Maybe not. The 560’s aren’t as sought after as the 580’s.


That would defeat the purpose of my themed builds.

And I chose the 560 because I knew that system wouldn’t need a powerful card. 1080p@60Hz is the highest it needs.


Lol, makes sense. I was only mentioning it thinking the 560 could sell for more due to the surge in demand for the rx4xx cards and rx5xx cards and knowing that’s driven the price up across the board for them.


You might also look to see what the target temperature is for the 1080 you got. It’s well within manufacturer specs, so it might just be that it runs warm (especially if it’s an FE-style cooler).


The 1080 is the EVGA cooler. And it’s the same card that was in my previous case. So something is just making it run ~10C warmer.


Time to get into water cooling… :stuck_out_tongue: J/K… I would never do it to my PC so I would never advocate for anyone else to do it.


Linus Tech Tips did a recent video about it and basically said unless you’re doing it from a hobbyist standpoint, the gains (a couple degrees, tops) just aren’t worth it when compared to AIO solutions.


Maybe if I was overclocking CPU/GPU and running SLI then I might consider water cooling. I believe air is just fine for my setups.