Recommended Tablets?


Sooooo long story short, im searching for a tablet for school. I am trying to fun a few pages, (maintenance manuals, and along with a few apps all at the same time. would like to also be able to watch youtube, twitch, and maybe play some lower end games, typical phone games and like hearthstone.
im looking for 9+ inch, but may contemplate a 8 if its really good. i will be doing alot of manual reading and video watching. Do not care what OS. just needs to run my apps, i know android does run them, and im sure windows would too.
I am currently looking at the samsung tab e 9.6. its around 200$ and im looking at a case and keyboard for it, so that will run me around 250. does anyone have any recommendations for less? that can atleast compare? i found the RCA Cambio 10.1 and its got some decent specs but am unable to hold it in my hands and just see what it can do. but it is 1/2 the cost.

If anyone has any recommendations please feel free to leave some info.

Thank you fall for your time, and let me know. if anyone has something with less specs but runs great for what i need, please feel free to leave the info, post links, anything.



We can’t get this one in Australia yet so i havent personnly seen it but the nvidia tablet looks pretty good. So good actually I will be looking seriously at it to buy if-when it ever comes here

/shakes fist at nvidia


i have seen that nvidia, but i saw some meh reviews, very interested, best performance and around my price, but its to new to be perfect and ive just herd bad things so far, but i might do more research on it, compared to just amazons reviews…

after taking another look, i rememebr why i kinda didnt care for it, its only 8 inch, i would prefer a 9+ but it is an option,


The Better Option - The Google Pixel C. If you want a fantastic tablet that’s just a tablet, I would highly recommend it and to run Cyanogen Mod on it. It’s definitely a higher price, but well worth the extra money to shell out. You’ll get the latest Android updates as soon as they release, and just a great tablet in general. It’s also rumored that the next Android version, Android N, will finally support native Android multi-window to run 2 or more apps on a single screen. By the time that update comes out, the Google Pixel C will still be a great Android tablet. It’s $500 on the Google website for the 32GB version which should be plenty enough for school use as long as you use Dropbox or Google Drive, plus a few games. In the future you could purchase the fantastic magnetic keyboard that doubles as an extended battery, which will hopefully drop to about $100 later on.
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The Cheaper Option - The Nexus 9. Less than $300 refurbished 32GB. Being a Google tablet you get the latest updates and you can look forward to Android N. It doesn’t pack nearly as much punch or battery as the Pixel C but it’s still the best tablet for the money. I would also greatly recommend setting up Cyanogen Mod on this tablet as well as making use of cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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The Ideal Option - The Surface Pro 4. If you want a great all-around school tablet, there is nothing superior. It’s a Windows tab at its finest and it does great. It has a next-generation Intel Skylake processor, comes with a Solid State Drive standard, has 4GB RAM minimum, and an approx. 3K resolution. Realistically, though, you’re looking at spending a little over $1K after buying the essential keyboard attachment. I can understand this being simply out the window as far as price is concerned at the moment, and that’s fine. This product is an investment, and being an investment you might want to sit this one out until the future, wait until it drops in price, and make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. But if you do manage to have the money to shell out and can accept that while it can game, it’s not intended for that, as a student I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with your purchase.



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Sorry about the giant links, makes my post seem a lot bigger than I originally intended. That being said, I hope this helps. :sunglasses::+1:


Did I just see a tablet gaming benchmark? My soul hurts.


Lol! Sorry about that :joy: I mostly added it for gits and shiggles, but at the same time you can run most if not all “Steam Play” games on it well, and I did want to give a little more justification to the price point. This is a gaming forum after all :wink: The fact that the thing can even run TFP is beyond me really. That said, as I emphasized, the Surface was by no means intended for gaming - it doesn’t even have a dedicated GPU - but the option is still more than present.


@ChronoCalibre Hit the nail on the head. I would go Pixel C or Nexus 9. I know someone who has the Nexus 9 and loves it.


Fwiw I have a galaxy note 10.1 2014 and we’ve had a great experience with it. It has a stylus which is pretty functional plus a great screen amd we just use a Bluetooth keyboard when we’ve needed it. I’ve played hearthstone and other games on it and it’s been great. I am not sure what the successor tabet to it is though…

Also my wife got a galaxy tab 4 from work for a safety milestone which we gave to her sister and she has had a very good experience with it. She mostly uses it for Web browsing / streaming though


Awesome, i thank you all for the ideas, ill take a look at em!
i mentioned that i was looking for a tablet to my mother, and she reminded me that my uncle paid like 500$ for a asus tablet last year and has never touched it.
I am going to take a look at that but maby if one of the others are a good price, or i just want somthing new period, one of these might be just what i need.
I thank all yall, sorry been busy with school, hence why i havnt been on =’(

Thanks again