ReCore Definitive Edition



It’s been almost a year since the release of ReCore.

I really enjoyed the game but, unfortunately, it didn’t have a large following. Not sure if Microsoft expected relatively low sales (possibly due to it being a brand new IP) or if they knew that some content was lacking (one of the robots pictured on the box cover wasn’t even in the game) but the game launched with a $40 price tag. And being one of the original Microsoft Play Anywhere titles, that $40 got you the game on both XB1 and PC with your cloud saves available on both platforms.

The ReCore team has been pretty quiet since launch. Back in January, I believe, they released a short video showing the main character riding the missing 5th robot. But still little info. During that time they even added a free trial of the game as well as reduced the price to $20.

Until yesterday. At Gamescom.

During the Microsoft interview it was announced that ReCore was releasing a Definitive Edition which would contain the 5th robot, additional story, new dungeons, and enhanced visuals.

And it’s free.

And it releases on Aug 29.

I really enjoyed playing this game and I am truly excited to see this new content. The fact that it’s free is just icing on that cake.

So if you like platformers or Metroid Prime/Mega Man-style gaming then I urge you to give this game a shot. Try the demo. Buy the $20 digital code on Amazon (I think it is still $40 on Windows Store).