Recruitment Opportunities



I noticed some topics about recruitment efforts and thought I could contribute as someone who has been looking for a guild these past few days. While there is an r/esoguilds subreddit, it isn’t very active. The r/elderscrollsonline sub has a weekly guild discussion worth participating in, every Friday.

For example, this comment thread from one recent Guild Fair Friday is interesting:

Guild Fair has posts from both guilds and players looking for guilds, and I think the biggest value is the opportunity to target specific people, which always has more impact than blanket ads.



We should look into this. After all, we are a guild of mature gamers, many with families and careers that limit free time available. There have to be a lot of gamers like that out there that are tired of the guilds which demand it become a second job. We share ideas help each other out, and make plans, but don’t require people to put in 20-40 hours per week or they get booted.


I’ll try to look for the post to go up tomorrow if they do it this week. If anyone else sees it, feel free to post something up about Strats.

Check out r/esoguilds post for a template.