Red Dead 2 is the best game ever?



IGN: 10/10 -
The Guardian: 5/5 -
Game Informer: 10/10 -
The Telegraph: 5/5 -
Gamereactor: 10/10 -

And more at


Metacritic will tell the truth. Until that score finalizes, nothing else matters.

Probably going to be GOTY at the very least.


The early critic score on Metacritic is 97, while early user scores are 7.7 for PS4 and 6.4 on XB1 -

Find it odd there is quite the difference between the two console scores. I gave many of the “most helpful” critical XB1 reviews a look over and nothing in them indicates a console-specific problem. Did XB1 users have higher expectations?


Yeah that’s pretty interesting. I haven’t noticed this before but maybe that’s because I wasn’t paying attention. I wonder if you could glean some console wars ammo by aggregating scores between the two. One may perform consistently better with all things considered (lag, gameplay, graphics, etc).


A few days later and the scores have remained relatively the same, though XB1 has trended up a tick. Critic score remains 97. PS4 scores have lost a notch to 7.6, while XB1 is up to 6.8. I didn’t think to check review counts, yet it’s interesting to note there are 3x more PS4 user reviews than XB1.

And again, about the only consistent complaint in the “more helpful” critical reviews is that RDR2 is simply GTA with a Western skin.


I think that correlates a bit with system sales as well; PS4 sold a helluva lot more than XB1 last I checked:


Well, I think it is one of the best in the last few years. I had just like two or tree hours playing. But, still I think it would be just as good as GTA5 when it was released. Despite, all my love and passion about CS:GO, Rockstar games are among the best ever.



Been playing quite a bit of it and it is a damn good game.