Reddit Hard Mode Oracles Give Away

Greetings Guardians

Starting right now, I will be giving away Hard Mode oracle check points on Reddit. This is for you all as well! So feel free to stop by and get it for yourself. I will be giving it out for at least an hour. Please head to the post and give it some love. A like or comment is much appreciated and will help us get noticed. Check it out here.

Don’t Think You Can Do It?

Anyone that is level 27 can do it by cheesing it. Here’s how.

You can do it too.

Want to Help Out?

Let me know if you would like to give the checkpoint out. I can only give it out for an hour or two, so your help would be great. Let me know in this post and I will add you to my Reddit post. You will get lots of friend invites and feel really popular.


I need up votes! If I’m not in the front page no one will come and I got no one right now.

You may want to change the reddit link to point to r/fireteams or fireteams/new

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Updated. We are now on the front page, we are number three right now. Gonna need someone to take over in a while though.