Reddit post - upvote



I’m going to be posting the weekly Reddit posts and linking them here so people can upvote them!! So go, go my minions and upvote!! Upvote!!! BWA HA HA HA HA!!


Just posted this weeks!! Go to and search for Strats and upvote way!!


We have a thread with the weekly ones. Can’t move it at work but I am sure one of the other elders will guide you to it soon :slight_smile: look it up in the mean time and read the guide lines.


Done, great thread BTW.

I hope it doesn’t matter I’m not a subscriber to that subreddit or play Archage.


I found it @Majordomo, I posted on the weekly one. But I’m pretty sure most people (at least the newer people) don’t know about that weekly post. Are we only supposed to post on that one and not in here? I think at least in the early stages it would be good to post it on the Archeage Category as well, if we’re allowed.


As pseudo-recruitment guy, I’d rather you post a link in AA to the Weekly Recruitment thread and put the link out to reddit in the recruitment thread. This will get your newer peeps more used to going over there and helping not only promote your guild, but the community as a whole :wink:


Sounds good!