Reddit's opinion on the top cringe from past E3's



There are some gold mines in the comments


The laser tag was an epic failure.


I also enjoyed the compilation of “TV, Sports, Xbox” from the XB1 E3 announcement circa 2013 :wink:


My submission, from E3 this year: Bungie locked a ton of PS users out of Destiny while trying to get that mad preorder money.


I imagine it’s because it’s locking anyone out who has pre-ordered the taken king. Mine has a 90d timer on it as well, but because of the suspend mode, my application has never closed. I imagine until they fix this, I can;'t play any other game without being locked out as the moment the app is closed, I’ll be unable to bypass the lockout timer.


I’m jelly of your suspend mode; because the power in this house is fickle, I shut down everything every night because I don’t feel like waking up to bad news. Guess this means more time to play other stuff :wink: