Rededicating my life to consoles.. again


It’s that time of year again; I have made the decision to focus on my PS4 and console gaming. I am giving up my DX Racer and mechanical keyboard for a 42" Vizio TV and gamepad.

I’ve already been playing Overwatch on PS4 for a few days. I downloaded the Battlefield 1 beta. I’m currently watching a guy play Metal Gear Online in preparation to give that game another shot (it’s one year old!).

Posts have been a little slim lately so I thought this was something good to report.


This is big news. Is this because BF1 on Ps4 is amazing?


I believe the possibility of cheating in BF1-PC had something to do with this. I am enjoying the PS4 version and even got to play in a squad yesterday with @lyteforce @xploz1on @WizzleMizzle and @ducksauce88.

I think the main reason is ease of accessibility for my 4-year-old. There just aren’t many split-screen co-op games for the PC. He really likes to play Battlefront and Plants vs Zombies (on my XB1). He wants every game to have co-op. And if it doesn’t then he wants to have his turn to play, such as the BF1 beta.

That P in PC isn’t kind when it comes to local multiplayer.

Overwatch on PS4 isn’t too bad so far, it’s just different than PC. I find that the heroes I had trouble controlling with the mouse are easier on console. It feels much easier to kill a Genji with Zarya. I got POTG with Zenyatta by destroying an entire team on the first point in King’s Row in overtime.

We’ll see how long this transition lasts until I return to my DX Racer. But the lounge chair I use in front of the TV is kinda comfortable.


I think you have convinced me to get BF 1 on PS4.


Unfortunately, a co-op option hasn’t been confirmed for Battlefield 1 yet. As far as I know the campaign is single-player only.

Battlefront offers the split-screen co-op missions and I will continue to play those with my son. I guess when he wants to play BF1 I will just have to pass the controller over to him unless something gets added before release.


Splitscreen co-op has become less the norm these days. People are just staying home and playing over the internet.


It’s still a staple for Call of Duty and Gearbox games (Borderlands, Battleborn) so I guess I’ll keep buying them on console.


I think this is true of AAA releases, but there seems to be a steady release of indy games that support split-screen on Steam (it’s actually a bit frustrating how many I’ve seen over the last few months support split screen but not online multiplayer)


So far this has been a Good Thing. Since the closing of the Battlefield 1 beta I’ve been enjoying Battlefront (I actually do well in this game), Overwatch, and I’ve been working on levels in The Division. I stopped at level 10 on PS4 and then received my free copy on PC.

Paragon is finishing a double XP weekend and I had fun going back to that game. Hadn’t played in several months.

If you’re interested in joining me on any PS4 games then please add me. PSN name is teh_ninjaneer. I’ve got several people on my friends list who I don’t even recognize.

Tomorrow I will start playing Recore on XB1.


But… But…



This is the real dilemma.


There comes a time in life when you have to make sacrifices.

My PS4 outputs acceptable Dolby Digital.


Man. I was so annoyed to find out the PS4 doesn’t output DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD! (In regards to BD playback)


I kid. I actually use linear PCM.


it does. Have to set it via the blu ray app and obviously have a compatible receiver.


After trying for hours and reading online, I can assure you it doesn’t.

It will only bitstream Dolby Digital or DTS, not their HD counterparts.


must not be lucky :smiley:

what do your settings show in PS4 settings and bluray settings?


Not really a question of luck. The PS4 simply can’t do it.