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i think we need a new thread.


While that thing is a monster, people coming into it for the first time start at the OP (not the bottom like those of us that have been into/read it before), and the very first thing stated in said OP (in huge font, embolden and italicized) is the simple requirements for joining the team; it kind of boggles the mind that

Starting a new thread with the same or similar OP is going to lead to the same issues we’re currently having, so we’re trying to sort out a solution.

At this point, I think I’m in favor of shutting the thread down, starting a fresh one with a similar OP that lays out the guildlines/requirements, and having some sort of application (Google Doc or otherwise) that has to be filled out. Those not in compliance with the requirements (which should be restated on the application to hopefully stem the current trend of not reading the thread OP) would not receive a team invite until they met said requirements (which is how things run right now anyway).

I think the addition of an application will help people understand that we do take the team seriously and hopefully impart that sense on the applicant will simultaneously-demonstrating that we have a degree of professional expectations for prospective team members.



Sounds good to me, i wish we would have some type of like process to be added to the stream like google docs application like you mentioned


Seconded! I think so, too.

Cause people are just rushing to the sign up page without reading the rules or adhering to them. I’m also here for having some type of requirement in place as well (along with a Google Doc application) like a minimum follower count or being a regular here on the forums or something.

Guidelines along with an application will let others know that we’re serious + it will also help filter out people who just want to attach to a stream team without putting in at least a minimal amount of effort.

I also think we should have some sort of loose guidelines for our current roster too. (Like how we all use #TeamStrats when we go live, how many times a week we should stream, little things like that.)


This has been getting vetted since TwitchCon; we’re planning to launch the rework of everything sometime later this week with these parameters included :wink:


If loose guidelines are created for the current roster then that might be the final reason for me to leave the Strats community. I’ve said before that my original impression of Strats was a fun place to hang out, talk to other nerds and play games. 2015 has been full of transitions away from that and into a business. That’s not what I’m looking for in an online community.

I first got concerned about this transition weeks/months ago when the Monday meetings turned into this Strats Weekly production. It became less about getting together to shoot the bull and more about following a preset schedule.

Now these suggestions of requiring applications, minimum follower count, etc. just don’t make me feel good. The fun is gone. I can remove myself from the team to make room for serious streamers.

Trying to Explain/Understand a Misconception

@teh_ninjaneer … When I mentioned an application + a minimum follower count, that was for new people signing up, not for people currently on the team.

Whoa whoa. Who said anything about leaving?

What I said was merely a suggestion, not something set in stone.

Especially about the loose guidelines part (for example, about using #TeamStrats whenever any one of us go live,) is something that we already do. When I first signed up here I remember there was a commitment to stream a certain amount of days in a week. (If I’m not mistaken.)

Why can’t things be both work AND play?! Because Twitch is a business. And I do think that a happy medium can exist! It is a fine line between making sure we still have a good time while adding elements in that could mean potential revenue.

Look at Teams/Communities like Main Menu or The Cohhilition. Because honestly, that’s what I see when I think of the future of Strats. Fun, centered around gamers + a sense of community but still business oriented.


Twitch itself is a business. They provide a service. If you expect to become part of that service and profit then you must dedicate lots of time. Certainly more than I am willing or able to commit.

Some people just want to play games, have fun and share that experience with others.

And the commitment to stream a certain amount of days per week (regular schedule) was an optional section of being a Strats partnered team member. Somewhere there’s a link to Partnership Has It’s Privileges.


Good discussion here.

@teh_ninjaneer what is the value you are looking for from being in the Strats Twitch team?

I think the answer to that question is where the differentiator is and likely needed to further the discussion.


When the Strats Twitch team was formed and everyone was joining I thought it was to have a team name on the stream and everyone be recognized. Networking, in a sense. I joined a few months later but the vast majority of members were very small-time. I fulfilled the requirements to be a Basic Member and asked to be part of the team. I had no desire to rise to Partnered Team Member. I just wanted to stream on occasion, maybe play some games with my kid and hopefully entertain a few people.

Did any of us (those not in management) forsee it growing like this back in February? Since that time the focus of the Twitch team has likely expanded beyond what I perceived back then. Would I still be considered a Basic Member?


You said you want to be part of a team but entertain a few people at your own pace. I don’t see an issue other than if you remain perhaps inactive for a long period of time (months/years)

I will say, personally, that I think its very well possible to stick with the team and stream on a small basis but from another point of view, it would be nice if some of those streamers are active so that if people every look at the Team, they will not see any downtime (As in no streamers online at all).

Either way I don’t personally see an issue with you remaining on a team just to have fun and be part of it. Twitch is, as Undrea said, a business, but I will also say that if you “just” treat it as a business and only treat it as such; I think the viewers/followers the ones that you interact with, the ones that you can make some real good friends with, will begin to see that and may lose some interest with you.

I try to be as friendly as I can and treat it not only as a business but a “hub” for people to just sit back and relax and listen to people and their problems if they have any. If anything I’m trying to just create a community of good people :slight_smile: but maybe that can be seen as my business xP


Ok, here’s my reply.

My guess is @simplyundrea’s objectives are much more concretely focused on growth. She and the other higher follower count members of the Twitch team are starting to reach a point where they need significant support on generating lift for metrics like acquisition and retention as well as sponsorship. They want to make a living doing this.

Now, I’m with you @teh_ninjaneer in that my streaming is hobby based (speaking about my own channel, not StratsCo’s). When you look at a team like Main Menu (which Undrea mentioned), you’re looking at a small subset of a community that is serious about streaming. That is to say, serious about growth and lift. Their goal is to provide a quality filter for anyone looking to discover a new streamer. If I visit Main Menu, I know I will find someone who streams regularly, provide good content, interacts with their audience, and has quality video.


If we look at Strats’ Twitch team, we are currently offering a few things:

  1. Audience acquisition potential through bleed. The more members we have, the more viewers we have in the overall pool and thus the more viewers have the potential to bleed over to other member streams through the team link.

  2. Audience acquisition through direct marketing. We tweet, share, and push the stream team whenever and however possible. This has included paid advertising.

  3. Community support. Through the Streaming category I think we’ve definitely shown, as a community, we are here for each other in supporting their streams—whether that be hobbyist or something more. This includes direct help with setup, testing, graphic asset creation, etc.

This is probably enough for the vast majority of our streamers. However, I would say the top 10% probably account for 90% of the viewership on the team (@tommy2118 might be able to provide real numbers for this). They also account for a vast majority of the new Strats community members that come from seeing a Team Strats streamer.

Hard questions…

The crux comes with the fact that the top 10% of Team Strats streamers have requirements beyond what I listed above.

Which brings us to two questions:

  1. Do hobbyist streamers get/want enough value from being members of the Twitch team? Does it matter whether they’re on it or not? What about the bottom 50% that almost never stream ever?

  2. Does the fact that there are so many members on the team negatively effect the performance and goals of our top 10% who treat streaming as more than a hobby? Does it effect their ability to continue to bring in new people to the community for the rest of us to play video games with and be part of what we’re doing here?

My feeling is that we should have some requirements. The team has grown too large and many of the members are not contributing to any lift for anyone on anything when it comes to streaming.

The fact is that those top streamers on our team are giving significant value to that new member that joins with 2 followers. It’s likely that much or all of their viewership comes from attrition on other member streams.

These are not easy questions or easy decisions. I take all aspects of Strats seriously. When there’s consensus in the community, it works. When there isn’t, I want to make the right decisions for us at the top based on the data and the direction I feel is best for us.

My proposal…

In my humble opinion we, as a community, should give the people that stream long hours and really work at their streaming the support they need. Let’s hold them up to a standard befitting of representing us, the community here, on Twitch.

These requirements should be a relatively low bar at first but perhaps should be based on averages across the team so that the bar rises across the board and further encourages team work.

Based on all of our current members the requirement would be 309 followers and if we dropped the people who just never stream or have 1 follower it would obviously go up even higher. That seems a bit high to me as a requirement but I would likely also always include our Strats forum regulars as they put in the work in other ways and equally deserve to be part of any initiative.

Anyway, the ultimate goal is growth across the board for those who are interested in it. Let’s not forget that these guys bring in a non-trivial number of new members who post intros and we play games with.

It’s a relationship worth working on.


Mobile response on this, so it’ll be short: the requirements we’re going to push will account for many of the things @Vocino hit on; it will be going through a couple review processes before we solidity it to ensure we take community feedback into consideration. I hope to have it ready for the Weekly so we can present it openly. Prior to this, it will bounce around some circles in the community (partners and regulars) for input.


Im not even talking about crazy requirements, maybe a simple Q&A on how they found strats, what made them sign up, what do they stream, etc… Just so they can put in some time and effort in actually signing up instead of making an account posting their twitch and never coming back to the forums. It’s honestly ridiculously the amount of people who copy and paste there twitch url and just bounce off the website and to never return. I do believe having more consistent streamers on the team would be nice but as a community I like watching random strats members stream from time to time. I don’t want to exclude anyone from being on the team, I would just like a little effort to sign up!


Exactly :slight_smile: glad to see someone with my exact thoughts xD


That sounds great @gohanthesaiyan. I really like your summary.