Region Post Catalog and Name Request



##List of all notable Region Posts to /visit with (X/Z) coordinates

  • Care Region (200/200):

    • currently has care packages for users restarting on the new server
  • Deadzone Region (200/-200):

    • Droul01 lives nearby
    • ghosthog1 lives nearby
  • Kitty Region (-200/200):

    • preshushkitty lives nearby
  • Potato Region (600/200):

    • biggles7268 lives nearby
  • Chessel Region (600/-200):

    • Zontago lives nearby
  • Panda Region (1800/1000):

    • PartyPandaAlex lives nearby
  • Savageland Region (10200/200):

    • savagex lives nearby
  • Titan Region (200/1000):

    • shane lives nearby
  • Das Region (-2200/-4600):

    • Ninja_Ducky lives nearby
    • 3 mob spawner farms with max enchanting rooms in cobblestone huts
  • Pineapple Region (-1400/-4600):

    • mlaw1123 lives nearby
  • Blaze Region (-1000/67000):

    • a51hq live nearby
    • the coordinates are not a typo o.O
  • Prairie Region (-200/600):

    • catfish_23 lives nearby
    • daddy lives nearby
    • shaggy_dog_1155 lives nearby
  • Night Region (600/600):

    • NightMod lives nearby
  • Darkness Region (600/-600):

    • JRWarlord lives nearby

As with last time, I will happily name your region post to make the /visit command a much easier proposition. If you’d like your post named, please post the X/Z coordinates (you can press F3 while standing at it to find out what it is) and the name you’d like it to have, conforming to the following restrictions:

  • 10 characters or less
  • No additional capitalization (ex: TheCool would become Thecool when I enter it)
  • No spaces (ex: The Cool would become The when I enter it)
  • Cannot be the same as your Minecraft username.
    • There’s the chance for a bug, so please don’t :wink:

If you’re home region is one of the listed regions, please let me know in this thread so I can keep a list of who lives where. If you choose to live in seclusion and not name your Region Post or tell us which one you live by, that’s fine too. This is done on a first come, first serve basis. If you are settled down near a Region Post named by another player, you will have to negotiate with them to get it changed; I will be happy to make an adjustment once an accord is reached. The original player who named the Region Post must request the change.

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Deadzone Region
200 -200

Droul and ghosthog live this way


Kitty Region
-200, 200



Biggles Region




Zontago Region


Panda Region
1800 1000


10200, 200


I’m not sure which post is closest to me. I imagine it’s 200, 800. My home coordinates are 291, 854. Name it Titan, please!


Name Blaze -998 66998




Prairie Region x -200 z 600



Could you name this region for me? 600 108 600 Night? /nameregion Night


Darkness at post 600, -600 please