Regular mode raid 10/27/15 PS4



Who’s going to do the raid tomorrow? I know now that hard mode is out im sure there’s going to be a drop off in our usual raid group lol… let me know

Destiny, King's Fall Raid Hard Mode 27/10/15

If you can’t get a group, I’ll switch from doing the hard mode and help you get a team.


I can do normal mode it at 9pm est tonight (10/27)


Did our destiny raid group dissolve haha I’ll be on around 9 so anyone who’s down to go after that let me know.


Didn’t dissolve, so much as naturally mature. Some of us are super thirsty to do hard mode ASAP, some of us aren’t geared for that challenge yet. It’ll all get done if we stick with it, just a matter of time.


The raid was not cleared got up go Gulgoroth if anyone is interested in picking up from there tomorrow let me know i’m trying to clear it regular first i’m at 305 and need the last 2 calcifieds that’s the only thing holding me back from my malice


I somehow was left out the raid last night. So I had to form my own.


Yeah, some miscommunication for sure, but I’m glad it all worked out. Having three full raid groups going on a Tuesday night is really awesome, in my opinion. My group on Hard got to Gorgorath, but couldn’t quite down him. I’ll be hosting normal mode Friday, there’s a thread in LFG with spots available if people would like to sign up.


Unfortunately I have obligations on the weekends for me gaming usually is Monday-Thursday. Friday being a no go for me. Blink did you jump in the party last night I wish you would have said something we had a pretty sketchy raid group last night. Let me know if anyone is looking for tonight to continue. Once I get regular done (hopefully) tonight, i can try and start working on HM I am up to 306 almost 306 light.


Yeah I was in party and when you guys started up I heard everyone else was going and there wasn’t room. So I left and got a team together