Regular Status Improvement


I feel like whatever calculations are used to determine regular status need an upgrade. I feel there are several of us that are here pretty regularly but because we are more introverted and don’t make a ton of posts we are constantly at risk of losing our regular status (oh look I just did) and that isn’t very fun. Being a member of this community should be fun and being a regular is a great feeling; I shouldn’t feel like I need to go through a bunch of posts I have little interest in and like a bunch of random comments to retain my regular status here. Change Log

Willing to bark up this tree again, maybe if it’s someone other than me @Vocino will listen.


[random comment]


Maybe have mods & leaders be able to grant permanent regular status for special cases?


see? see how i have to like random comments?! <3


Made comments in the lobby earlier that may attach to this:

Would there be a resounding “NO” from people for a suggestion of making the lobby into something that once you attained regular once, you retained access to the lobby forever?

My thinking is, once a person attains regular status they aren’t just a face in the crowd.

Traditionally they are a person that was posting a decent amount on the forum and maintaining a presence in the community. The lobby is usually used for […] a place for people who have been around a while to share personal things with other people who have been around a while.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to rope it off from people who have received regular status and since lost it.


I agree, if I had still been a regular I’d have seen that and been able to add that to my post. I think the loss of the lounge is one of my biggest annoyances with the loss of my regular status.
I thought about adding it retroactively to my post but people have already voted on what was said so it didn’t seem fair to change now.


I’ll give you my regular status if it’s really that big of a deal.


The big deal is that almost every single day of my life since June of 2014 I have logged into this website and read the posts, commented on things I felt needed commenting on, liked the posts I felt needed liked, and on the rare occasion I had something worth sharing, I shared it. But that is not good enough for the strats algorithm to consider me a regular.


This the core issue and I agree that it does seem like a problem that should be adjusted. We will need to work with you and others that maybe we can find in similar situations to see where that line should be.


My 2 cents said to vocino is that I think the process of re-attaining regular is more a wedge than a goal to people.

The theory I have is that thought of re-attaining regular status to people is seen more as a chore than something to look forward to and, in the mean-time, we cut them off from segments of the community designed for more personal interactions.

ATM the core issue resides in that we have nothing else outside of the lounge and some features on discord that are cut off by regular+ status. Maybe, in the future, we could have more benefits for people Regular+ but at the moment we don’t have any private servers that are full and require priority access systems.

Personally, I know I’d be fine with people retaining access to the lounge even after dropping regular status.

I think that would create drama if someone was a regular, lost it and was not given regular status after another person had been given it.


I agree that the re-attainment of regular status is indeed a chore. I remember last time I lost it I seriously did go through some posts and like almost every comment to just try to make the algorithm happy. That is just silly, it should not be necessary.
Rather than having a mod or a leader grant regular status I think after a person has been around for a certain amount of time they should just permanently be made a regular. The system can then determine if someone has not been around for a certain amount of time (say 6 months or so) and remove regular status if it is that big a deal to NOT have absent people as regulars.


It sounds like the outcome you’re both talking about is having the only metric measured be visits over time—regardless of participation. Is that the case? Are there risks with that approach?


Some random lurker who has visited the site every day for the past year might suddenly attain regular status. Has that person actually contributed to the site, though? I guess they helped raise the view count on my posts.


I honestly don’t know what would be the best way to solve the problem which is why I didn’t offer a detailed solution in the original post. Perhaps there should be some participation requirement but clearly not as hefty a one as there currently is.
Honestly I guess it boils down to what kind of a community do you really want here? If you want an extremely active and serious community then require that participation. If you want a more casual community (which I think is sort of what we have here) than the requirements might need to be a bit more casual.


I also understood there was a ratio of regulars to total members. Is that the case?


If there’s nothing to look forward to, why do people want regular status?
If anything I’d argue that we remove some of the barriers created by not having regular status so that people don’t feel they NEED to have it.

In my mind, the situations where people are well known members of the community but lose regular status are pretty obvious situations.
98% of people who SHOULD be regulars ARE regulars. I think it’s a bit silly to entirely re-work the regular status system for a few odd cases.

I think the best solution is to have the mods and leaders treat those cases on their individual merrits… Unless someone has a better solution, or prefers the old way…


Honestly I guess it boils down to what kind of a community do you we really want here


To @Bradum’s point, I think this is somewhat of an edge case. @PreshusKitty should be a regular because she is. We know her, she contributes, she supports what we are doing here. Under that higher level criteria, she’s a regular.

It’s difficult to turn that higher level concept of support into something that is automatic.


I would be interested in seeing what the metrics are. I know that for a good eight months I only check the website like once every two weeks or less. I loss my regular status and I’m okay with that. There has to be a balance of participation, views, and visits. I feel like it should be a reward for people that contribute and stay. Obvously @PreshusKitty has been here for a long time, so maybe we could add a metric for time in Regular Status that would keep you a regular for longer or lessen the requirements. I think it could be nerfed a bit.