Relationship goals


My fiance knows I hardly ever misspell anything.


According to googles, you’re at the South Africa Fashion Week.

Is Kanye there? :smirk::smirk:


At first I was like “the fuck is he going on about” but now I see lmfao. Actually fire warrior is also a single person in a unit of a fire team in Warhammer 40k dawn of War. So while my fiance had no idea she actually made a reference to anything she did it flawlessly lmfao.


And here I was thinking this was just an abbreviation for safeway. Maybe I just do too much grocery shopping.


Unless you have like 4 or 5 kids and only buy the minimum I think you shop regularly and not abnormally lol. I lived with a friend who was the cook of the house and there were 6 people living there so him and I would go shopping because I was the budgeter. Fun times.


Holy fuck I’m glad you guys are mature I realized I left my fiancé’s number visible


Lol good thing this isn’t 4chan. She would need a new number. We cool man.


Yea no kidding. Guess I just felt like this was a safe place queue dumb inspirational score


youre welcome :D. Guess you know you made the right choice coming here.