Remember Me? (the comeback)


Yo guys, i’m back like I said i would be last year! What’s new? Well… nothing much in that matter. If you don’t remember me from last year I was incredibly active on the MineCraft server and I ran the PlanetSide 2 team for a long time. In the summers I usually do other things then play video games, but since the fall season has rolled around, I thought it might be time to reboot my computer. Things about me? I’m usually the younger player on the server, i’m 16 years old, and those who remember me last year know I am not a fuss. I act the appropriate age and i’m honestly here to have fun and play with you guys. I’m wondering what is new and what has changed? I think I was last on here around June 12th or something.
Looking forward to say hello to everyone.


Welcome back!


Thanks man haha


Everything is different, but nothing is different; welcome back :wink:


you’re gonna have to explain to me!! so many questions


I left a link!


haha, thanks, i didnt catch that!


Ark survival evolved. We has dinosaurs :3


Welcome back to the Dark Side my friend :slight_smile:


Hey man. How are you!?


Welcome back @ModzFosho!


There’s a strats minecraft server?!?


Welcome back man. I recently just cane back myself!


Welcome back :slight_smile:


well. there was. i believe


very good! thank you!


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