Remember Oliva Munn?

I was just looking at my old Vocino Labs facebook page that I neglect. It used to be the page for my consultancy business. Anyway, I found this super old video that we did for Complex Magazine with Olivia Munn. I’m not sure it ever actually made it to the masses (maybe because of what was said, no idea). It was a funny shoot and most gamers know her so I figured I would share:

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I’m always interested in which celebs are genuine, and which ones aren’t. How was she? She’s still on ‘The Newsroom’ which is in its last season.

She’s exactly how she appears. She is definitely genuinely funny and witty. I’m not sure how much celebrity vibe she has now but back in 2008-2009 she was very much a normal down-to-earth chick.

I am a terrible person. Clicking this I was thinking a “how far Oliva Munn has sunk” topic. It is an interesting share though!

hahaha this video is pretty great. definitely got a couple laughs out of me

Attack of the Show! did a pretty good job of gathering the eye candy.

Moar Sara Jean Underwood plaz.


This guy gets it

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I must be getting old. She just seemed crud to me. I guess I find it more provocative and appealing when a personality can “awaken my senses” without using words that I would not feel comfortable hearing if my wife were next to me watching. Not judging, just my opinion.

I do remember Olivia, on G4TV after the awesome TechTV days. TechTV was awesome back in the day, too bad they had to trash it with G4TV.

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