Removal of 6-month sub option

Zenimax has recently removed the option to purchase a 6-month sub to the game, citing that “it wasn’t popular”. Which is a pretty weak explanation, in my opinion. I’ve seen something similar happen, with almost the exact wording, when Warhammer Online was nearing the end. They removed the 6-month option about 6-8 months prior to that game closing.

This leads me to believe that Zenimax is planning a change in payment model once the game is launched on consoles in 2015. My initial thought is it will become similar to DC Universe Online. The base game will be free-to-play and you can reach max level, earn your Champion points since that system will be in place, and participate in any content up to that point (Craglorn, etc.). However, any new content beyond the console release will need to be bought. I think DCUO releases 2-3 DLCs per year.

Lots of discussion and speculation on the forums but Zenimax is tight-lipped for now.

What do you think? Could this be a good thing?

I think they are going to make it free to play. Console people don’t want to pay twice.

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I’ve heard a lot of buzz about lots of players returning to ESO over the Holiday Season. I’m not sure I would make any bets on them changing payment model until we see what happens to the population after the new update.

Adding big changes such as Champion system and Justice System seems risking if they are considering dropping subscriptions.

I didn’t fully explain DCUO’s model. They still have subscriptions, and if you subscribe then you gain access to all DLC without having to buy them individually. You also get extra backpack space, more slots on the auction house, things like that. Or you can buy those things individually on the cash shop if you want to be a dirty casual and only log in once a week/month.

Zenimax might keep a box price on the game in order to have some revenue coming in, but possibly reduce it to $30 or something. Hell it’s $20 during the Steam holiday sale. That might be where @Wayward is getting some players from!

Removing a payment option just because “it’s not popular” is a terrible explanation. It’s guaranteed revenue for 6 months and it’s allowing dedicated players to express that dedication. I really feel like there will be some kind of change around June. Not necessarily a bad change, but there will be some shaking and stirring.

Poor casuals… not only do they not play video games on a competitive level but they are also dirty. Ninjaneer please no casual hate, they keep the gaming market alive!!!

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I have to agree with @teh_ninjaneer on this. I can think of no other good reason to change the payment model. This would allow the current 6 month subs to expire through attrition and prevent refunds down the road. Another thing to keep in mind is that Zeni just got a real snapshot of their subscriber base in late Nov and early Dec, this is when the 6 month subs from the original player base ran out. (I’m basing this off the fact that mine ran out in mid Nov)


Something is obviously up, as you don’t remove a payment option unless something is going to occur at the end of that period of time. Really curious to see where it goes. If they have a blend of FTP and subscription where sub gets you all expansions and perhaps some extra goodies, I would stay a sub. FTP can actually be a lot more expensive, once you add up all the individual parts, unless you only want certain parts and not the full experience.