Remove push to talk


I know that push to talk is preferred by many members of the community especially when it comes to MMOs and different games. The problem is that I am currently trying to recruit people to play PUBG with our community and it’s making it difficult to communicate and bring people in. The game is very tense and requires constant communication. I would like to know if there is any way to disable it on a server or if there is any options to make it easier on my recruiting.


Sorry bud but I’m a firm proponent of PTT. If I find too many people not using it, I usually shy away from voice coms. Some people just don’t understand voice gates and mic sensitivity. And then there are others who just like to hear themselves blab. PTT helps with both.


I understand that. But getting new people in the community to play a game like PUBG it is a huge turn off. If we could make a channel that would allow it I think we would have a solid compromise.


PTT isn’t required at any forum trust level on Discord (not even New Users). If someone is having to use it, they haven’t run the bridge app and/or made a StratsCo account; to help mitigate trolling, I don’t believe we’re going to lift that setting for the @everyone permission (the only one required to use it, presently). If the plan is to recruit them to Strats, why not have them make a forum account and use the bridge?


Yeah the only reason it’s not enabled for the @everyone permission is you end up getting drive by yellers and people on a mission to annoy.

I’m open to trying it. Discord has added some anti-spam features that might make it fine actually.


The problem is there are many outlets to communicate and many private Discord servers that people are trying to push. If one channel was able to be made open it would help generate a meeting place. It’s much easier to get someone to agree to come over to our Discord, meet people, and show them the discussion our community has on Discord. Then we can more easily segway into Forum use. The problem for this game is that open communication is vital to success and tactics. Many people that I’m trying to recruit have never had to use push to talk before and it’s a major turn off. I understand that it is helpful, but I would like to see if one channel could be open.


The boss has spoken! PTT for @everyone is disabled for a trial run.


I can understand that the spam and random yellers could be a problem, but the type of people that generally use our community are mature and more well mannered. IF more moderation would be needed to accommodate the change I’m sure we would have people willing to help out. The Discord channel for Reddit’s PUBG has 8700 player online right now. Many people meet up with great players and not “squeakers” and would like to group up with them in the future and have a place to hang out. I would like to push to be an outlet for that.


IMO voice activity is extremely annoying when you have someone playing that sets off the mic with every muscle they move or any word they say.


As a reminder, regulars can mute and kick people. So if someone gets sideways, there should always be someone on that can fix it.


James is talking shit about me. lol ;D


Hah not at all. I was referring to years and years of dealing with it in teamspeak before strats even existed. I have a bunch of old school gaming buddies who still maintain a TS server and none of them use PTT and it drives me nuts. I had to go through the audio setup wizard with them to set up their gates properly. And then the next time they reformat, it’s all back to square one.


Sure if you want to hear my kids yelling and singing in the background.


You don’t have to disable PTT.


I think the convo should be Remove Voice Activity. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, this is a point worth emphasizing: disabling the requirement for PTT just means that everyone (even guests) aren’t mandated to use it, but anyone who still wants to use it is free to do so.